About Pomeranians in a nutshell


The Pomeranian is without doubt, one of the cutest of all dog breeds that is classed under the Spitz family of dogs. It gets its name from Pomerania that is presently part of Eastern Germany and Northern Poland. Though it is popular as toy puppy breed because of its puny size its ancestor happens to be the larger German Spitz.

The Pomeranian happens to be a robust and healthy dog breed with a life expectancy of 13-17 years. A pet Pomeranian if taken good care of by the owner tends to remain fit and trim throughout his or her lifetime. Although a Pomeranian faces health issues that are similar to numerous other breeds of dogs, it is more prone to losing teeth, going bald because of alopecia x, and suffering tracheal collapse. You must also make sure that your pet gets all the luxury they require. Focus on their comfort and lifestyle, just like you think about your family members. Even while selecting accessories like Custom Autosound radios for your car you look for the best then why not your pets at home.

By nature, Pomeranians generally happen to be remarkably playful, amiable, and energetic cavorting around their masters. They’re fiercely territorial and will keep on barking relentlessly if they feel someone is trying to intrude their private spaces. Since they’re quite intelligent, you can train or groom them to be your intimate companions. This breed of dog continues to be one of most popular of top twenty dog breeds in USA and the present trend of having a small dog as a pet has only augmented their popularity.


Caring For Your Pomeranian


Pomeranians, more popularly known as ‘Poms’, make for excellent pets especially for ones that prefer to stay indoors. Their seemingly inexhaustible energy to bark makes them perfect watchdogs securing the home and hearths of their masters. So, if you’re thinking of going for a Pomeranian as your pet or already have one, then you should do all you can to express your gratefulness for her unrequited love.

Since Pomeranians tend to digest food rather quickly, you should see to it that her food bowl remains filled all through the day. However, it doesn’t mean that you should make your pet overeat. From 6-months old onwards, taking foods twice or thrice daily will suffice for the entire period of her life.

Take care of your pet Pomeranian just as you’d tend to your kids. Buy a dog’s toothpaste and toothbrush and brush her teeth at least once every day. Since Pomeranians are prone to losing their canines and incisors quite early, regularly brushing their teeth will delay the process that’ll ultimately enable them to stay healthy in the long run.

Give your pet a bath with a shampoo (for dog) and conditioner once in a month in any case. Completely dry the fur with a blower after bath and smoothen the fur with a fine brush.

Keep your Pomeranian physically active by engaging her in playing games with you. Provision a comfortable and secure place for the pet that she can retire to at the end of the day.

How to take care of your cute little Pomeranian



It is essential for you to take care of your newly bought cute little Pom puppies. These dogs are quite vulnerable to harsh environment due to lack of adequate care and protection. For that you can visit our site that also provides useful tips on maintenance and care. There is no problem otherwise, if you can take good care of these dogs. These dogs can be the perfect source of entertainment in your family. Apart from that these are quite intelligent and very quickly sense the presence of stranger in your house. But you must not try to evade the issue when it comes to their proper maintenance and care.

Our site has posted certain essential tips in the following sub heads below:

Feeding: You must not feed your newly bought pom puppies to a majestic scale fro that would lead to various digestive problem. So it is better to feed them with little amount of digestive food within a fixed time interval every day. Over feeding may cause your puppy to suffer from hypoglycemia. It is important that you provide special dog food to your puppies.

Essential vaccination: Your newly bought puppy is always vulnerable to disease causing viruses or germs which can lead to its pre-mature death. Such situation can be easily avoided with timely vaccination. Such vaccination will not only prevent your Pomeranian from falling prey to such germs but will also make it resistance to other health problems.

Proper house-training: It will be ideal on your part, if from the very first day your puppy develops healthy and clean habits while staying in the house. These mainly include controlling their frequent habit of urination and excretion and to inculcate in them a strict sense of discipline. For a new born puppy, it is essential that you provide for ground mattress so that it never catches cold so easily.

Behavior: Another easy way to take care of them is through noticing the behavior of such dogs. These dogs are quite jovial in nature and always in constant run. But if you notice that they are showing slow response to your call and are not in their usual jovial mood then there is something wrong with them. In such scenario immediately brought them to any local vet clinic for health diagnosis. If experts found any problem, then it shall be cured instantly.




Pomeranian are cute little dogs which every household prefers to love and adore. These dogs are considered to be the perfect companion to the older people and of minor children. Their bodies are covered with thick fur and it is quite delectable to love them. But many times, you get confused when it comes to buying the appropriate one. To avoid that you can log onto our site pom-mart.com. Here you will get complete list of guidelines with expert suggestions so as to avoid such mistake.

One useful tip that our site often presents to the viewer is to buy Pomeranian from reliable and registered breeder only. Then you need to ask certain questions to such breeder so as to identify his expertise in this field. As per this site, you must not engage with commercial transaction with such breeder who is not allowing you to view the dog physically. It contains other useful information that provides useful insight while buying such dog. All such guidelines are provided in a point wise manner and for more information viewers can forward their query. If you follow our site sincerely then there is no scope of error.